20 Good Night Text For Her

Good night text for her

You write good night text for your girlfriend to show her how much you love and care about her. It’s important that she knows all the time, but it can be especially comforting when she is having a bad day or dealing with some challenges in life. The best way to do this is to send her a sweet text before bed each night that shows your feelings for her and brings a smile to her face. You can also post them on social media so she sees them first thing in the morning too! This blog will provide an assortment of good night text for her from popular sources such as “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” Taylor Swift lyrics, and even Disney movies! These are sure to bring joy into any girl’s heart.

Good Night Text For Her

1. A Wish That Will Come True
I wish I could fall asleep beside you and wake up with you. It’s a wish that will undoubtedly come true someday, and I can’t wait. Goodnight, sweetheart.

2. If I Wish Hard Enough
The sky has all the stars; they all shine so brightly. If I wish so hard enough, my dreams may come true, and I’ll wake up right next to you.

3. I Will Be Waiting For You
It’s romantic in dreamland, and I wish you a good night, my love. Dream of me as you close your eyes because I will wait for you on the other side.

4. Thinking Of You
I can’t sleep tonight because the thoughts of you just flooded my mind, and I stayed longer and longer awake. Thinking of what life with you will be like. I can feel the beauty that awaits us.

5. Goodnight My Princess
Closing my eyes to sleep is unbearable because I spent the whole day without seeing you. Goodnight, my charming princess. I know I will see your beautiful face in dreamland.

6. I’m In Love With You.
Every night as I hold my chest, I noticed that what I feel for you is untouchable. The cool breeze beat my face, and I know that my love for you keeps expanding every day.

7. The Love Of My Life
Feel the breeze and enjoy the calmness of the night. That’s how my world is when you became the love of my life. Have a goodnight, darling.

8. Saying Goodnight Isn’t Enough
Saying goodnight isn’t enough for a precious angel like you. Look out of your window and hear me telling the moon and stars to stand right on your roof.

9. My Love Is True & Deep
Each time I say goodnight and sweet dreams, it signifies that my love for you is accurate and sincere. Baby close your eyes and enjoy this love to dreamland.

10. Weight Of Love
Our love weighs a ton, but the thought of you on my mind weighs nothing. You will always be on my mind as I love you from the night to the bright morning.

good night text for her

11. From The World

Our love is on the rise, Day and Night. Sweet dreams are my wishes for you tonight when you shut your eyes from the world. I cherish you in my heart all day and night.

12. Sweet Dreams
For your touch, I will hold a press conference. For your love, I will build a replica of the White House. To tell you Goodnight, I’ll send this text.
I am sending sweet dreams your way. Make sure you catch some as they fly around you.

13. I Feel You In My Heart.
As long as time doesn’t stand still, my love for you will increase with no decrease. Even when we are miles apart, I can still feel you in my heart. That’s what matters. Goodnight, my girl.

14. The One For Me
I will love you till the rain turns to Ice cream. I will be there with you until the ocean water tastes like coke and honey tastes like salt. You will remain the one for me forever. I wish you a good night as you sleep.

15. Most Beautiful Girl
I want to end the day by telling you how beautiful you are and how much your presence lights up my body. You are the prettiest girl of my heart. Goodnight and sleep tight.

16. As Your Head Hits The Pillow
Open your heart tonight. Enjoy the feeling the night brings and have sweet dreams as your head hits the pillow and your soul wanders off to dreamland.

17. You Hang On My Heart
Since it’s impossible to fall asleep without thinking about you, I want to lie down here and imagine what life with you will look like forever. Just like a calendar, you hang on my heart.

18. About Me & You.
Your fantasies will come true as you sleep because they are about you and me. I never stop praying for an everlasting relationship of bliss with you.

19. My Dreams Come True.
Counting all the blessing in my life since you stepped in is a clear attestation that all my dreams are coming true. I will let you know how much you mean to me.

20. Know That I Love You
I wish to have you in my arms.  I want to kiss you. I hope to cuddle you tonight, and I pray that the day never breaks when all I ask for comes true. As you sleep tonight, know that I love you with every part of my heart.

And that’s why you need to send a goodnight text for her. If she has been on your mind all day, it will show in the message. She might be thinking about what time it is and when you are going to call or text back, but if you don’t say anything at all then she’ll think something else is wrong with the relationship. You can even throw in some emojis just because we know how much girls love them! It’s also important not to get too attached and allow yourself to feel like there is more than one way out of this situation. Just pick up the phone and shoot off a quick “hope ur having fun” before bedtime so she knows everything’s alright.

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