Sisters are God’s way

“Sisters are God’s way of sending an angel who’s always there for you. Just like you. Good night!”

Where do you sleep at night

“Where do you sleep at night? I always imagined that angels slept in silk sheets with the moon shining on them.”

A bed of clouds for you to sleep

“A bed of clouds for you to sleep, diamond stars as your bedside lamp, angels from heaven singing lullabies for you, may you sleep peacefully throughout the night. Good Night”

Fall asleep happy tonight

“Fall asleep happy tonight, my love. Know that we are always together in our hearts even when we are separated in the distance.”

If you feel little bored

“If you feel little bored, little sick, little lost, little sad, you know what’s wrong? Your suffering from lack of Vitamin Me! Good Night!”

Sisters is probably

“Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family until they are grown. Then it is the strongest one. Have a beautiful dream, my dear sister.”

Whether pages of the calendar flip

“Whether pages of the calendar flip, years pass by, months fly away or night changes into day, my love for you will always stay. Sweet dreams baby, good night.”

A sister is someone

“A sister is someone who is a sweet & supportive, kind & loving, cheerful & inspiring friend and my all time laughter… Good night my dear and I love you.”

Good Night and Sweet Dreams

Good Night and Sweet Dreams my lovely girl. This message is definitely a guarantee that you’ll have awesome dreams and will wake up with a SMILE on your face.

If you knock at the door

If you knock at the door of dreams Mr. Sleep will open it for you, There you will see me, have sweet dreams!