Touch me like the night

Touch me like the night touches the stars… Kiss my lips like the moon kisses the ground Feel the sweetness of the kiss…. sweet dreams.

Did you know this about me

“Did you know this about me? My goal in life isn’t to become famous or powerful… it’s to make enough money to eat whatever I want. Good night, sleep tight!”

I just woke up

“I just woke up realizing that something was missing. Without you by my side, it is so hard to fall asleep.”

One day we will be old and boring

“One day we will be old and boring, but tonight, we are young and vibrant. All I know is that no matter how old I am, you will always be running through my dreams at night. Sweet dreams my love.”

Wash your face

“Wash your face… Wash your feet… Now it’s time to fall asleep… Your eyes are weak and mouth can’t speak… So, let´s hope the night shall be nice and sweet… Good night.”

Doing nothing is very

“Doing nothing is very hard thing to do as you never know when to finish. So I wish you good night and a productive tomorrow!”

I know that every nightmare

“I know that every nightmare is free from my mind when I go to bed at night. The thought of you can bring me nothing but heavenly dreams.”

What does crack

“What does crack and you have in common? They keep a person up all night long waiting to get their next fix.”

Don’t fret my pet

“Don’t fret my pet. While you go to sleep, I will be trying to figure out how I can love you even more.”