romantic love quotes

50 Romantic Love Quotes To Send Your Special Someone

If you’re looking for a way to show your special someone that they are loved, there is no need to go out of your way! With the help of our website, we have collected over 20 different Romantic Love Quotes from popular authors and poets. These quotes will make them[…]

Good night text for her

20 Good Night Text For Her

You write good night text for your girlfriend to show her how much you love and care about her. It’s important that she knows all the time, but it can be especially comforting when she is having a bad day or dealing with some challenges in life. The best way[…]

20 Love Quotes

20 Of The Most Beautiful Love Quotes Of All Time

A love quotes is a phrase or sentence that embodies the emotion of love. Love quotes can be found in many forms of literature and media, such as in novels, songs, poetry, films and even on social media platforms like Facebook. While there are no set criteria for what constitutes[…]

Even when we have

“Even when we have the worst fight, you always know how to fix things. Thanks for being the greatest sister ever. Good night.”

I would like to cover

I would like to cover you with warm wings of love, Give you a hot hug and kiss you very gently. Have beautiful dreams, sweetheart.

Sisters are God’s way

“Sisters are God’s way of sending an angel who’s always there for you. Just like you. Good night!”

Where do you sleep at night

“Where do you sleep at night? I always imagined that angels slept in silk sheets with the moon shining on them.”

Every night I try

“Every night I try to stay up later than you, so I can send you a good night text that you’ll see in the morning. I love you, my queen.”

If you feel little bored

“If you feel little bored, little sick, little lost, little sad, you know what’s wrong? Your suffering from lack of Vitamin Me! Good Night!”

Sisters is probably

“Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family until they are grown. Then it is the strongest one. Have a beautiful dream, my dear sister.”